Create Jobs

Creating new jobs

  • Navigate to the job page on the app via the left panel

  • Add a new job

Select Source

  • Select the source connection for the job extraction.

  • Depending on the source, there will likely be some additional source configuration options. In the example below, the user must select the resources (which represent Facebook API endpoints) and the account IDs to extract.

  • Click 'Apply'

Select Target

  • Select the target connection for the job extraction

  • Click 'Apply'

Select Jobs to Configure

  • Based on the source and target selections, a list of available jobs will be generated. Select the jobs that you would like to configure and save.

Configure Jobs

The configuration options for a job will depend on the nature of data that is being extracted. Gravity sets defaults for most configuration options, but these can be changed by the user.

Configure in bulk

Configurations can be edited in bulk when they are applicable to all of the selected jobs on the page. For example, the Run Frequency configuration can be set for all selected jobs in bulk. Set the frequency at the top of the page and click the 'Apply' button to apply the change to all selected jobs.

Individual Job Configurations

Common Configuration options

Configuration OptionDescriptionDefault

How often should the job be executed?

Every hour

Which columns should be extracted?

All available columns

Should the data be merged into the target, appended, or replace the existing contents?

The default depends on the nature of the table. Metadata tables are replaced by default while data tables are merged.

Start date for data content

For historical data loading, the start date for the data extraction


Saving Jobs

Once you are happy with the configuration for the jobs you can save them all at once. Click the 'Save All' button. Once the jobs have finished saving, you will be redirected to the Jobs page

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