Google Sheets

How to set up a Google Sheets Source

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the Spreadsheet I want?

If the Spreadsheet is not in the Google drive of the account you signed in with, it may exist in a Shared drive a.k.a. Team drive or in the Trash bin (if it's been recently deleted).

Check the Include Spreadsheets from Team drives? or Include Spreadsheets in Trash? option.

Note that the above options do affect performance if you have dozens or more Spreadsheets. See Why does the Job creation page take a while to load? for more information.

How do I find my Spreadsheet ID?

Open the Spreadsheet in your web browser. In the URL at the top, you should see something like this . The string of letters, numbers and symbols (1-ABC0123456789) is your Spreadsheet's ID.

Why does the Job creation page take a while to load?

To get the Spreadsheets and their Sheets (Tabs for Excel users) for you to choose from when you create Google Sheets Jobs in Gravity we have to talk to Google's Drive API.

The problem is, although that API gives you some control over what Spreadsheets you want, if you don't make use of those controls and have access to dozens of Spreadsheets, the API takes a while to get them.

So, we have exposed some of those controls to you as optional settings.

By far the best option to speed things up is setting Spreadsheets (optional) which restricts your Google Sheets Source to a specific set of Spreadsheets.

The next best option to speed things up is excluding Spreadsheets in Trash or Team drives. By default, these optional settings are unchecked for this very reason.

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