Retrieve an Attendee Report by Event ID.

List attendees by Event Id or Organization Id.

Returns a list of attendee-team for the event.

Returns a list of category as categories, including subcategories nested.

List custom Questions by Event ID.

List default Questions by Event ID.

List Discounts by Organization ID or Retrieve a Discount by Discount ID.

Retrieve the Display Settings for an Event by Event ID.

List events by Venue Id or Organization Id.

List all available Formats or Retrieve a Format by Format ID.

List orders by Event Id, Organization Id, or User Id.

List the Organizations to which you are a Member.

List all available Pricing rates.

Retrieve a sales Report by Event ID.

List all available subcategories or retrieve a subcategory by subcategory Id.

List Ticket Classes by Event ID.

List Ticket Groups by Organization ID.

Retrieve your User account information.

List Venues by Organization ID.

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