Setup Guide

What you'll need

  • A Google account email and password

The minimum permissions (Viewer) are all that Gravity needs to read Spreadsheets, but you will need to set some optional settings if the Spreadsheets are in a Shared drive or the Trash bin.


  1. Enter a Connection Name, excluding whitespace and special characters

  2. Sign in with the Google account

    • If the account has MFA/2FA enabled, you will be prompted to provide a code

  3. When you're happy with your settings, click Save -> Test -> Publish

Optional settings

Depending on how many Spreadsheets the Google account has access to, you may want to restrict which are available to use, or you may need to access some that are located in a Shared drive.

  1. If the Spreadsheets you need exist in a Shared drive, check Include Spreadsheets from Team drives?

  2. If the Spreadsheets you need are in the Trash bin, check Include Spreadsheets in Trash?

  3. By default, the Type Detection Method will be 'RowScan' where we will scan 50 rows to heuristically determine the data type. If you have mixed types of data(e.g. date and string or numeric in one column) then select 'None', It will return all columns as the string type. Note: You can only use replace mode if you are selecting 'None' as a Type Detection Method.

  4. If you only want a specific set of Spreadsheets to be available, enter a comma (,) separated list of the Spreadsheet IDs in Spreadsheets (optional). If you're not sure how to find a Spreadsheet ID, see How do I find my Spreadsheet ID?

  5. By default, the Row Scan will be 50, we will scan 50 rows to heuristically determine the data type. This value determines the maximum number of rows that will be scanned.

These optional settings can affect you when you create Jobs using this Google Sheets Source. See Why does the Job creation page take a while to load? for more information

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